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Technology at the service of people.

At The Wise Seeker we are very clear about what we want: for technology to help make HR-related processes more efficient and more objective.



Our vision is the definitive transformation of HR management through technology.

It is curious that in the XXI century the HR sector continues to depend on self-evaluations and manual and often subjective processes for its decisions. This was understandable a few years ago. But not today, when today's technology is at the level we find it.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data or cloud computing are some of the innovative elements that The Wise Seeker uses to bring possibilities to this sector that until now were non-existent.

Excessive manuality in current processes or lack of the necessary knowledge on the part of HR managers hinders the objectivity of the process and generates delays and inefficiencies that technology can avoid.

We are a young company full of enthusiasm and confidence in facing this challenge.

The Wise Seeker is conceived as a company where knowledge is the basis of everything. Any of your employees has been hired using our platform. Its use allows us to choose among the best, objectively speaking.

Programmers, architects of public cloud systems, graphic designers, usability managers, salespeople, data engineers and psychologists coexist at The Wise Seeker. All with a single mission: to transform the HR sector with the help of technology.

We are continuously growing as a good newly created company. We have not stopped growing since our inception in 2018 and we continue to do so.


We work with agile methodologies with a basic philosophy oriented towards conciliation.

At The Wise Seeker we use Scrum for almost everything. This allows us to react almost immediately to the needs of our customers, while ensuring the fulfillment of our most demanding commitments.

Thus, for example, the software development department works with 3-week sprints including not only the UX&UI design or programming, but also the integration tests of the developed software.

Our company is conceived in the distance. Most of our workforce has been incorporated in the time of coronavirus, which has caused teleworking and conciliation to completely permeate our DNA. Scrum becomes almost vital to ensure quality demands in everything we do.

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We are with the youngest . Helping them find a path to success.

At The Wise Seeker we have agreements with the main Spanish universities to develop promising young people through our work method and continuous training.

Young university students in their final years of training , join The Wise Seeker to put into practice everything they have learned and start in a complex world of work in a supervised but demanding way.

Excellence marks their trajectory in the company and that makes them different. Good workers and better people, developing values such as camaraderie, effort and a job well done.


And we have a partner program focused on all those who want to do business with us.

Because we are changing a way of doing things with a very established tradition, we need to be many. For this reason, we have thought about building a channel of partners that facilitates the arrival to this new way of contracting.

There are already several companies that are collaborating with us in the deployment of The Wise Seeker and obtaining benefits with them: recruitment companies, HR consultants, intermediaries in the sector, etc.

Our partner contract favors and supports business development and commercialization of the platform, through a very interesting commission structure.

Our ambition . Our motivation.

Juan Santesmases

CEO & founder

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Jose Antonio Ces

COO & founder

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In our previous work experiences we have experienced extremely complex situations when a selection process took months or when, once incorporated, the new employee did not perform according to the expectations generated in the hiring phase.

We have also experienced situations, especially through RRSS , in which people who demonstrate low worth and limited talent with us appear as prominent profiles. And vice versa. Former high-performance employees with low or even no presence in those media.

At The Wise Seeker we want to do justice through objectivity and meritocracy. Eliminating perceptions and offering realities and information to those who must make decisions. So that people really matter.


And you?

Do you want to work with us?

Do not doubt that we will make you go through the platform, but for now, leave us your information here.

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