Despite using the most innovative artificial intelligence techniques, The Wise Seeker platform approaches HR departments as a user-friendly, intuitive and full of facilities tool. Every day more.

An intelligent and intuitive platform.


Through technology , The Wise Seeker automates talent search processes.

Artificial intelligence is present in the design and development of The Wise Seeker platform, which empowers it to react autonomously to many of the interactions it enables, both with the evaluated person and with the company that defines the evaluation.

From basic algorithms to guide the user towards the recommended evaluations, to the automatic dismissal of questions that do not help to screen candidates, the platform incorporates different machine learning and machine learning algorithms that give it autonomy and keep it away from human failure. .

An automation that is constantly evolving and improving in a constant ambition to achieve complete autonomy for its entire operation.


A SaaS platform   accessible and intuitive that solves many of today's HR needs.

All the complexity that the platform incorporates at a technical level, is made invisible to the HR personnel who operate with it.

The interface, with a simple and intuitive design , allows HR areas to define a series of evaluation processes, both of their employees and of the candidates for a selection process, whether they are from within or outside the company.

Multiple tables, views, graphs and indicators provide the most detailed information on the evaluated group. 100% objective information and based on the different tests that are established to measure skills and knowledge.


Evaluate the talent that your company's employees have: the visible and the hidden.

Do you really know where the talent of your employees is? Is it always associated with the position they hold?

With just three steps you can start creating a map of real and objective talent that will help you in your decisions as a person responsible for your company.

Select the employee or department of your company that you want to evaluate.

Define the target evaluations for that group to perform.

Includes the results of centralized and structured to make decisions.

The Wise Seeker allows you to create a talent map of your entire organization with multiple applications: elaborate training plans, create professional development routes or even establish "reskilling" programs that allow you to redefine positions and even responsibilities.


Your selection processes faster and with a reliability beyond any doubt. Save time and increase efficiency.

With The Wise Seeker, incorporating new employees into your organization will no longer be a complex and multi-month process to become simple and immediate .

In just three steps you can get the best candidates for any position within your organization:

Select the ideal profile of the candidate you would like to hire using the templates available on the platform .

Invite candidates to be evaluated on the platform.

You get a list of all ordered wholesale candidates suitability for the position sought.

Forget about curriculum screening and wasting time looking for skills and knowledge that you even understand. The Wise Seeker platform will do it for you: the best candidates, objectively evaluated , will be presented in an orderly manner.

Save time and focus on what really matters: selecting the best of the best.


This has only started. The gamification is our next stop or ... would not you like to play?

Our current skill tests place the examinee in the life of a character facing a series of events. From their reactions, The Wise Seeker platform is able to extract their skills and competencies according to what is currently being evaluated.

At The Wise Seeker we continue to investigate alternatives to flat evaluation, emerging as future options gamification and manual language processing techniques.

Our ambition is to ensure that through the game we can carry out evaluations. In this way, we will be able to measure certain parameters of the employee or candidate without the user having any more sensation than that of playing.