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The Wise Seeker not only assesses what you know, but also how you are . Your personality, your skills, your skills or your aptitudes. A set of elements that definitely completes your professional profile.

It matters how you are . As much as what you know.

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The importance of soft skills as a complement to adequate knowledge

The differentiation of The Wise Seeker is the ability to assess certain subjects. No doubt. However, we are very aware that knowledge is only part of the job profile. This is built by completing it with soft skills .

Seeking to extract the maximum amount of information from those evaluated, The Wise Seeker introduces evaluation elements to capture the personality of the evaluated person, their job competencies, their aptitudes or certain abilities that make sense in the practice of certain roles or job profiles.





Personality is an essential part of the talent. Your features define you.

The Wise Seeker uses the Big Five Model (or simply Big Five) to classify those evaluated according to five personality traits or dimensions. This descriptive model of personality uses various methodologies to evaluate these five traits in an individual: openness to experience, responsibility, extraversion, kindness and neuroticism or emotional instability.

Our platform, through a very simple test based on questions from the International Personality Item Pool and which takes a maximum of 15 minutes , not only positions the individual in these five traits, but also classifies them according to a set of personality archetypes. that serve to guide HR managers quickly and efficiently.

With more than twenty thousand users evaluated thanks to our platform, the validation of the test is assured and the accuracy of the measurement exceeds values of 90%, well above other existing alternatives on the market.

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But it's not all about attitude: skills count. Especially in some professions.

The Wise Seeker uses psychometrics to validate a set of skills that we believe define the overall ability of the individual being tested. Mental agility, memory, attention, perception or logical capacity are some of the aptitudes that are used in HR for certain positions.

Psychometric aptitude tests measure the individual's job skills and competencies in their direct relationship to the job to be done. The idea is to find and identify a pattern of behavior in the candidates that reveals their most outstanding abilities beyond their knowledge, skills or personality.

These types of evaluations perfectly complement the set of tests contained in the platform, helping to make the final decision.

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Another of the critical elements that must be evaluated in the job profile are competencies .

The Wise Seeker facilitates the competency assessment of company employees and candidates for a selection process by measuring up to nine key competencies in the business world.

Teamwork, leadership, results orientation, the search for diversity or integrity are some of these competencies that companies evaluate, although they do so by applying traditional methods that do not take advantage of the power that technology offers us today.

And since we know that there are companies that are very clear about their competencies, and do not coincide 100% with those that exist by default in The Wise Seeker, we enable a simple adjustment mechanism so that the company can upload theirs to the platform. The ones that really interest you.


And for specific and focus issues, skills . Powered by gamification elements.

Since the first version of the platform, we have opted for our own evaluations when we talk about skills. Because most market assessments are "self-assessments" that hardly measure what they have to measure.

In the design of these evaluations by our team of psychologists, we have put in the foreground the adequacy of the test to the evaluated. And for this we have been using gamification elements, some basic and others not so much, which facilitate the process.

Digital skills, business skills, or customer service skills are examples of the assessments that are available at The Wise Seeker. Each of them determines the critical competencies for that skill. The digital skills test is supported by the framework of 21 competencies defined by the European Commission. And the commercial skills test will not only tell you the propensity to sell of the evaluated person, but the type of commercial he is.