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The Wise Seeker is an evaluation platform that, using artificial intelligence techniques, facilitates the identification of talent within your company while streamlining and optimizing your selection processes for new employees.



A different approach to find talent inside and outside your organization.

The Wise Seeker is a platform that facilitates the evaluation of the human group for the correct cataloging of their true talent .

Using machine learning techniques, adaptive tests are generated so they modulate the difficulty of the questions based on the responses of the evaluated candidates. In this way we ensure every test is different and that the candidate is always evaluated in his level.

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Artificial intelligence techniques allow the platform to bring users the most appropriate evaluations for the different profiles according to the data that is collected from all the people who are evaluated on the platform.

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Who is your most talented employee?

Our platform allows you to build a completely objective talent map that will help you in your decision making. Current technology allows us to apply objective techniques which help to identify who knows what, who has a certain aptitude or what are the most widespread abilities within your organization.

Advance in your digital strategy with The Wise Seeker leaving behind prejudices and subjective evaluations. Why keep relying on luck if you can already guarantee your decisions?

A software platform that measures knowledge, skills, personalities, competencies and aptitudes.

The Wise Seeker is a software platform that facilitates the evaluation of the human group for the correct cataloging of their talent , understood as a mixture of technical and language knowledge, skills of different types, business skills, specific skills and personality.

Because talent is not just a part, but a whole. Skills and attitudes. Soft and hard skills . Personality, knowledge, culture, motivation, etc. Our platform allows you to extract a complete profile of your employees that will help you chart individual professional development paths.

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Are you still wasting your time looking at CVs?

Invest your time in what really contributes. Our platform filters and ranks all your candidates in a selection process. And so the HR team focuses on determining which is the valid candidate among those who are objectively better.

Because the CV is a liar by definition. Our evaluations are objective and allow us to carry out a first screening that will help you separate grain from straw. For you to choose the best of the best.

The Wise Seeker provides differential value in the main HR processes

On the one hand, we cover the recruitment process by facilitating the automatic screening of candidates who do not align with the needs of the position.

And we also facilitate the characterization of the talent of a company's employees to work on key aspects in HR departments such as professional development, training, rotations, etc.

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